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Emma & Tom | Bright & beautiful

Chalk board arrow sign witten with "Tom & Emma" with colourful ribbons attached sits amid green foliage

Emma & Tom chose a colour palette of sunset tones for their Mid Wales village chapel wedding. As a keen sewer & craft queen Emma spent her covid lockdown making wedding decorations - from the paper planes to the ribbon table runners to the bunting! You might even notice a few subtle nods to the couple's love of travel! ... And let's face it, what wedding would be complete without a Tuk Tuk?!

Emma opted for a loose bridal bouquet filled with textures and scented foliage, and Tom chose a floral pocket square - a modern colourful take on the traditional!

Ribbons were very important to Emma, who loves nothing more than rifling through material shops to find goodies! We used botanically dyed silk ribbons from The Botanical Dyer on all of the bridal party bouquets and flower crowns as well as the Groom's Men's buttonholes. Breaking away from tradition again, Emma's "Bridesman" wore a matching flower crown and carried a beautiful bouquet - because flowers are for everyone!

Congratulations Emma & Tom! It was a dream to help create your bright and beautiful wedding day!

Photography by ATD Photography

Ribbons by The Botanical Dyer

Bride with strawberry blonde hair with flower crown of orange red and peach flowers, ties with trailing silk ribbons

Yellow tuk tuk with yellow, orange and red floral garlands

Groom in navy blue suit with red checked bow tie and white shirt. With floral pocket square of red, burgundy and orange flowers in his pocket. Made by Emma Jane Floral Design.

Close up of a bridal bouquet of red yellow peach and orange flowers tied with botanically died trailing silk ribbons cascading onto the floor.

Close up of bridal bouquet with orange, red, burgundy and peach flowers surrounded by floral garlands.

Close up of the bridal party carrying bouquets of red, orange, yellow and burgundy flowers with cascading silk ribbons.

Bride peeping through floral garlands on the side of a tuk tuk

Bridesmaid wearing flower crown carrying bouquet of orange, red, yellow and burgundy flowers.

Bride and groom hold hands in front of a stained glass church window and red brick wall. The bride is wearing a floral crown and carrying a bouquet of red, orange, yellow and peach roses. The groom is wearing a blue suit with red bow tie and floral pocket square.

In the foreground is a garland of red yellow and orange ribbons hanging from the ceiling.

Close up photo of a red and orange rose with other burgundy flowers.

Paper aeroplanes with "bride" and "groom" written on them sit on top of a floral arrangement of red, yellow, orange and burgundy flowers.

Paper plane garlands hang from the ceiling with a wall of red, yellow and orange stripes behind them.

A gold candle and gold bud vase on top of a table with ribbon table runners.

Wedding top table with bunting across the front. On top of the table sit bud vases with flowers in shades of yellow, red, burgundy and orange. Behind the table is a wall hanging of ribbons in matching colours.

Close up of a bridal bouquet in shades of red, orange, yellow and burgundy. With trailing silk ribbons.

Patterned material bunting hanging from a white ceiling.

Three tier white wedding cake with peach and orange flowers, miniature bunting across the bottom layer and wooden peg dolls decorated as a bride and groom on the top.

Bride and groom hold hands in a field of wild ferns. The bride is wearing a white dress, flower crown and bouquet of red, orange and yellow flowers with matching trailing silk ribbons. The groom is wearing a blue suit with red bow tie and a fresh floral pocket square.


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