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Guest Blog: 5 Wedding Stationery Essentials

A quick word from Emma:

"Lovely couples! Grania from Ink & Paper is writing for the EJFD blog this month, to share her extensive knowledge of wedding stationery! Check it out below!"

When you’re planning your wedding, the amount of options available can be pretty overwhelming, especially when it comes to stationery.

While things like favour tags and personalised signs are nice to have, there’s some things that every couple need. Here’s my top five essential stationery items.

Wedding invitations

No points for guessing this one! When you’re getting married, you need to tell your guests where they need to be. There’s something for everyone out there – letterpress, digital design, foiling and laser cut outs, and that’s before we get onto the different size and shape formats!

I recommend including a paper RSVP with your invite as it’s so much more personal than an email address, and it helps for a quick response (especially if you put a stamp on the envelope!).

Order of Service

Guide your guests through your ceremony with an order of service booklet. This lists all the important timings throughout your day and makes sure your guests are there to see you tie the knot. It also makes a really lovely keepsake.

© Grania O’Brien

Table Plan

Your showstopper item is usually the table plan – whether you opt for a venue plan or escort cards, there’s something for everyone here and it’s a wonderful way to get your guests to stop and go “wow”. There’s also so much opportunity here to tie it in with any theme you may have – choose statement florals to emphasise it, or use a metal frame for a more industrial vibe.

Place Cards

Place cards are the perfect complement to your table plan, helping your guests know where to sit once they reach the table. They also make beautiful decorative pieces. Tie these in with your table or reception décor for an ultra-stylish look, and you could even pair them up with a menu for an ultra-luxe look.

Thank You Cards

No wedding is complete without a thank you note, and is an essential part of wedding etiquette. It’s the perfect opportunity to thank your guests for attending (especially if you’ve had a destination wedding), and you can use the opportunity too to thank them for any special help or gifts.

© Grania O’Brien

About Ink & Paper

Born in 2018 but many years in the making, Ink & Paper marries traditional letterpress printing with contemporary design aesthetics to create truly unique and bespoke stationery for modern couples.

For a truly hands on experience, you can also book “Print Your Own Wedding Stationery” workshops and create your invitations together on a beautiful 1950’s printing press.

Grania is the designer, printer and creative force behind Ink & Paper. She’s left-handed, which in bygone days would have ensured she was unceremoniously thrown out of the print studio. When she’s not in the studio, she’s usually plotting where she wants to eat or travel next. Or running. Or both.


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