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6 Tips For Taking Beautiful Photos Of Flowers On Your iPhone (2021)

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Emma: If you are anything like me, you struggle to take gorgeous pictures of flowers... I don't know why? But it's soooo hard to take pictures where they look true to life! I've teamed up with professional wedding videographer Michael Hurley to find out how to take better photos of flowers using just our iPhones! I am 100% going to be taking note of this myself!! Over to Michael...

In this quick and easy guide I’ll explain how you can use your iPhone to take stunning

photographs of flowers. As an experienced wedding videographer with over 15 years

experience filming weddings, I’ll demonstrate the best hacks to get the most out of the

technology you have just sitting in your pocket.

Let’s get started.

1. Shoot up close with a shallow depth of field

Flowers are full of colour with an amazing variety, so the best way to get a beautiful

shot is to get as close to the flower as possible. Be sure to keep your camera steady,

and your flower in focus. And when I say get close, I mean it. Don’t use the zoom on

your camera, get right up into the flower as close as you can while staying in focus.

This should also give you a shallow depth of field, which is when the background is

slightly soft with the flower strongly in focus. This is what we call a bokeh effect and is

an extremely popular effect within photography.

Red and white bridal bouquet with green berries sitting on a window sill next to white flowers in a black pot.

2. Use a simple background

Getting a clean background is very important. The last thing you want is a distraction

in your frame, taking away from the beauty of the flower. An ideal way of getting a

good background is getting down low and shooting high, using the sky as the

background. Make sure the sun isn’t shining right into your camera, a slightly

overcast day is perfect. I once had a bride who said she hoped for glorious sunshine

on her wedding day, but any photographer or videographer will tell you that a slightly

overcast day is best! If you’re inside make sure the background is a simple colour

preferably one that contrasts with the flowers - i.e if the flowers are bright colours,

make the background darker. The contrast between light and dark works really well in


Red and white bridal bouquet with green berries

3. Shoot in soft light

Lighting is the most important thing to consider when taking a photo and natural

lighting works best. Don’t use the flash on your camera, the natural light from the sun

is ideal. However, a bright sun can cause over exposure and could give your image

some harsh shadows. Wait for the sun to go behind a cloud and you’ll find that your

flower will look much softer.

Red and white bridal bouquet with green berries.

4. Fill the entire frame

Make sure that your flower takes up the entire frame of your camera. Don’t worry too

much about cutting off some of the outside petals, flowers carry so many details, and

highlighting the best parts of the flower will create a more powerful image. Always

remember to keep it in focus, so use your own judgment on how much detail you

want to capture. If you are taking a picture of the wedding bouquet, sometimes it’s

better to get a shot of just a few of the flowers instead of the whole bunch. You’ll be able to get a lot more detail, capturing more vibrancy and more powerful colours.

5. Use a macro lens

If you want to take photography a bit more seriously, investing in a macro lens would

be a smart move. A macro lens will allow your camera to capture images a lot closer

compared to the built-in camera lens. The Moment Lens is one of the most popular

on the market right now and will allow you to capture amazing images.

6. Be creative

Always remember, there is no right or wrong way to take a photograph and practice

makes perfect. Sometimes it may help to change the view you’re shooting at, so use

your own creativity to get the shot you want, not the shot you think other people want

to see.

Michael Hurley is an experienced wedding videographer based in Ireland. You can

find out more about him and his work at


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