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3 Ways To Elevate Your Wedding Tablescape

Autumnal wedding centrepiece with text reading "3 ways to elevate your wedding tablescape with Emma Jane Floral Design"

I absolutely love creating bespoke floral arrangements for weddings; beautiful and quietly impactful with little details that have personal meaning to the couple. One of my favourite parts of a wedding day is the empty reception room, moments before everyone arrives. Everything is perfectly placed, polished and tweaked. The flowers look beautiful, the candles are flickering away and the glassware is shining in the sunlight. It all comes together and it looks just... incredible!

As with most things, paying that little bit of extra attention to the detail can elevate your wedding tablescape from gorgeous to totally out-of-this-world insta-worthy amazing! Here are my top tips for doing just that!

1. Use metals cohesively.

Make sure you are using the same coloured metal across your cutlery, candle holders etc for a super polished look. This can be an easy to overlook - especially if your venue are providing cutlery and tableware. Check what they have available - you can always hire in tableware if theirs doesn't fit with your colour palette.

In the photo below, the gold highlights have been picked up through the cutlery, rimmed glassware, beaded charger plates and antique brass candlesticks. The vessels for the floral centrepieces even have a gold embossed leaf design. These may not be details you pick up immediately, but it gives the overall feeling that it "goes together" and as your guests look harder, they realise that each item has been carefully selected and curated.

autumnal floral centrepiece with gold rimmed glasses and beaded charger plates

2. Add a coloured candle.

Adding a tapered candle in a colour which compliments your floral designs can really enhance a tablescape. I love using a highlight colour, one that features just a smidge in the floral designs, that lifts the whole look.

Here we selected a baby blue tapered candle to compliment the hints of blue in the floral designs - look closely there are some homegrown Nigella hiding away in there! Layering colours, tones and textures helps create depth for a more luxurious aesthetic.

wedding cake with floral meadow arrangements on either side

3. Upgrade your table linen.

Adding a coloured or textured table linen really adds that extra special finishing touch.

Here we used a dusky pink cheesecloth table runner and napkins to compliment the "bohemian mocha" frilly Lisianthus in the floral centrepieces. Again layering the tones, rather than matching the colours exactly for the super luxe, perfectly curated look.

muted neutral toned flowers with cheesecloth table runner

Image by Sophie Renshaw Photography

Here's a bonus tip too: Steam your table cloths! (Or ask someone to do it for you!). There is nothing worse than putting soooo much effort into a beautiful tablescape... and all anyone notices is creased tablecloths!

If you'd like help with creating your dream wedding tablescape, get in touch by filling out our contact form! We cover weddings in Mid Wales, Powys and Shropshire as well as further afield in Cheshire Herefordshire, and beyond! I can't wait to hear from you!


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