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Why Florists Don't Recommend Mock Up Bridal Bouquets...

Couple kissing behind a bridal bouquet of flowers with text above reading "Why Don't Florists Recommend Mock Up Bridal Bouquets?"

Very occasionally I get asked to produce a mock-up of a wedding bouquet. I'm told that in the past this was something that was considered standard for wedding bookings (wayyy before my time I'm afraid!), and I guess it sort of seems like a sensible idea to see in real life what you'll get before the actual wedding day... however, there are some real downsides to mock up designs!

Here's 4 reasons why I think they're a waste of your wedding budget!

Bride in white dress carrying dried and fresh flowers in a boho bridal bouquet

Photo by Upon The Heath Photography at Stanford Farm, Shropshire.

1. No two bouquets will ever look exactly the same.

Even if the same flowers are used in both bouquets, floral design is an art form and, as such, no two designs will ever be the same. The positive to take from this is that your bridal bouquet will be completely unique - no one has had it before, and no one will have it again!

Guide pictures (thank you Pinterest!) are always a great way of expressing your likes / dislikes to your florist. But ultimately, choosing a florist whose designs you LOVE will result in the bouquet of your dreams!

three bouquets in shades of red and white, with burgundy trailing ribbon sitting on a white windowsill

Photo by Eva Murko Photography at The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury.

2. Natural variation.

Even when the same variety of flower is ordered week-on-week there is always natural variation in the blooms; sometimes the heads are slightly bigger, slightly more heads on a stem or the flower has bloomed more due to warmer weather conditions. We cannot replicate conditions, and even if we could... one thing I've learnt about flowers is that they will always do their own thing!

bride in white dress carrying botanical boho style bouquet of green and white flowers

Photo by WyldBee Photography at Plas Dinam Country House, Powys.

3. Seasonality.

I always recommend being influenced by the season when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. This creates a thoughtful and cohesive look for your wedding. The chances of the same flowers being available at the time of your wedding as when you initially enquire with your wedding florist is slim. With flower crops being affected by weather conditions and climate there are slight variations on flower seasons every year too.

But you can leave it with us! As Florists we are always trying to choose the best flowers from the best growers. If we know you're dreaming of peach garden roses, we use our extensive knowledge and years of experience to provide something PERFECT!

bridal party hold out bridesmaid bouquets with red orange and yellow flowers and trailing silk ribbon

Photo by ATD Photography.

4. Additional waste = additional cost to the client.

When florists order flowers we are required to order each variety of flower and foliage in a minimum amount. It is not possible for us to order just one or two of each variety, we have to buy flowers in bunches of 10, 25 or sometimes even 50. Creating mock up bouquets wastes a lot of flowers and results in the customer having to absorb these additional costs.

Bride and groom sitting on white staircase with bridal bouquet at their feet.

Photo by Dearest Love Photography at Lyde Court, Hereford.

My top tip for booking a wedding florist is this... BOOK A FLORIST WHOSE DESIGNS YOU LIKE AND WHO YOU TRUST. If you trust your florist to understand your vision for your big day there is no need for mock up designs. Share with us the COLOUR PALETTE and VIBE you're hoping to create and leave the flower choice to us. This allows us to choose the best the season has to offer and means you will get better quality and more interesting flower choices on your big day.

...And don't worry! I would only ever deliver the most gorgeous bouquet for your wedding!

Florist in black top and yellow skirt making a bridal bouquet

If you'd like to enquire about flowers for your big day, fill in the contact form on my website! I can't wait to hear from you!


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