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What Does It Mean To "Repurpose" Your Wedding Flowers?

Bride and groom kiss with fairy lights in the background. a white box holds the text "what does it mean to repurpose your wedding flowers" by Emma Jane Floral Design

If you've read any wedding blogs recently (including my own!) you'll have seen wedding planners and florists recommending "repurposing" your wedding flowers in order to maximise your wedding budget, but what does this actually mean in practice?!

Repurposing a floral design means to move the design as a WHOLE PIECE, to another location during the wedding so that it can be enjoyed throughout different parts of your wedding (i.e. ceremony and wedding breakfast). It does not mean remaking the original design into different arrangements... You might be wondering, why can't a design just be re-made into something else?

There are a few reasons why this isn't practical:

  1. Dismantling the arrangement can damage the blooms.

  2. The stems have already been cut to the appropriate length for the original design, which may not suit a new design.

  3. It takes a longggg time onsite and requires huge amounts of staff which is just not practical for real weddings.

  4. The flowers will have already been exposed to the elements; sun, wind, air conditioning etc. and may have been out of water. They will not be in the same tip top condition as our usual designs and we like to provide THE BEST for your wedding day!

Bride and groom hold hands in front of a moon gate with fresh and dried flowers and pampas grass

Moon gate dressed with fresh and dried flowers behind tables dressed with white table cloths for a wedding breakfast

So... you've decided to maximise your floral budget by repurpose your floral designs throughout your wedding day, now check out my list of Dos and Don'ts for doing it successfully!

DO ask your florist if the piece is suitable for repurposing. Some designs just aren't made the moved, this may be because of water vessels, delicate flowers or the internal structure of the design itself.

DON'T just assume someone will move the piece. If your florist isn't staying to move the flowers, assign someone (trustworthy!) the job of moving them and ensure they know how and when to do so.

DO expect to pay your florist if you require them to stay at the venue to move pieces.

DON'T forget which way around the design was facing, if you're moving pieces yourself. Each piece will have been designed to be viewed from a certain angle. Ask you florist for instructions and take a "before" photo to make sure.

DO maximise your budget by enjoying your flowers throughout different parts of your wedding. For example, a ceremony piece could be reused behind the top table during the wedding breakfast.

DO remember that if you decide to move pieces without the help of your florist, you will be liable for any damage to hired pieces. This can include repairs or replacement fees.

DON'T forget to check if it is practical to move your flowers. Check how far it is between the locations and try to avoid tricky to navigate areas, such as stairs!

DO ask your wedding florist for recommendations of how to reuse pieces. We see A LOT of weddings and may have ideas you haven't even considered yet!

Aisle of white washed chairs with flowers lining the walk way

Wedding guests in an ornate room with floral meadow designs in front of the top table

Photography by Eva Murko Photography

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