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Top 5 Flowers For Winter Weddings

White floral background with text reading The Seasonal Flower Guide Top 5 Flowers For Winter Weddings By Emma Jane Floral Design

The fourth and final part in my Seasonal Flower Guide series: Winter.

You might be thinking, "Oh my gosh I'm getting married in winter - there are no flowers in December!" but fear not! Although our gardens might be looking a little bare during the winter months, there is still a plethora of dreamy floral ingredients perfect for your wedding flowers.

Here are just a few of my favourites...


I love an eryngium thistle for winter weddings. They are available year round commercially, but to me they scream, crisp winter mornings with frost on the ground.

The blue tinged variety are the most well known but I also love their silvery-green cousin, for more muted colour palettes. And don't worry, despite looking it, they aren't at all spiky!

They work wonderfully in all types of floral arrangement, from installations to buttonholes, they're lovely for adding a bit of texture and interest to your wedding flowers. I usually prefer the smaller headed varieties for more delicate pieces such as buttonholes and corsages, they are a little less chunky!

arm with tattoos holding a bunch on blue eryngium thistles

2. Anemones

Anemones have been gaining popularity as a wedding flower over the past few years. I often have couples request them for their wedding bouquets and buttonholes, but they do have quite a limited season.

They are available from early December but I tend to find early winter blooms don't always open well. I try to avoid them until January for a better quality bloom.

They come in lots of colour varieties; red, pink, white, purple etc. The black and white "Panda" anemone, are the ones couples always ask for. I just love those fuzzy black centres!

Anemones work wonderfully in lots of types of arrangement; from bouquets to centrepieces. They do prefer to be in water, but if conditioned properly will hold up in bouquets and buttonholes.

pink background with red and white anemone in a glass vase

3. Hellebores

Ohhh I adore a hellebore. They're a cottage garden classic that can also be used as a cut flower. I often hear others commenting that they are wilt easily, but if cut at the correct stage (they're perfect when the seed heads start to form!) and conditioned correctly (by searing the ends in boiling water) they are a long lasting cut flower. Okay so, they're a bit of a diva flower... but I think they're worth it!

Available in lots of colour varieties, mainly in purple and pink tones. They're beautiful for naturalistic style designs. They can be wired into buttonholes and also work wonderfully in bouquets, aisle meadows and installations.

close up image of a purple and white hellebore flower

4. Ranunculus

Another winter - spring cross over. Despite being thought of as a spring bloom, ranunculus are available throughout the winter months. Although, keep in mind, pre-Christmas the blooms tend to be a little smaller.

Available in lots of colour ways; white and soft pinks all the way through to red and yellow.

I prefer to use ranunculus in designs that will be viewed up close like bouquets, centrepieces or bud vases, so people can appreciate their fluffy open flowers in all their glory! Ranunculus have to be one of my favourite flowers to include in a bridal bouquet. They have beautiful ruffle-y petals and create lovely movement within a design.

hands with tattoos holding two yellow ranunculus flowers

5. Viburnum Berries

Not technically a flower, but definitely worthy of a position on the list! I love including berries in winter designs, they add so much interest and texture to a floral arrangement.

Viburnum berries (or steel berries as they are sometimes called) are a wonderful grey blue colour. They're hardy enough for bouquets and buttonholes and also look great in larger pieces such as urn arrangements or arches.

Viburnum berries tend to be available throughout the winter months, December - February.

P.S. They also look fantastic when paired with eryngium for that frosty winter wedding vibe!

foliage with blue viburnum berries

Need help selecting flowers for your winter wedding? If you love our designs, we's love to hear from your! Fill out the contact form, to get started. I can't wait to hear all about your wedding plans!


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