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Top 5 Flowers For Spring Weddings

White and pink bridal bouquet with text reading "the seasonal flower guide, top 5 flowers for spring weddings by Emma Jane Floral Design"

You'll often hear me raving about the benefits of using seasonal blooms in your wedding flowers. They are a great way of making your wedding look seasonally appropriate, tying what's happening inside with what's going on outside the window! AND having in-season flowers often means they're better quality; the best the season has to offer!

Here are 5 of my favourite flowers for spring weddings!

1. Ranunculus

Close up of a ranunculus flower

We're going big with number one, my favourite spring flower: Ranunculus. They're super soft and fluffy-looking, with gorgeous open flowers. They're ruffle-y petals mean that couples often mistake these babies for peonies!

Available in lots of hues from bright red and yellow, to soft pinks and peach. They are usually available from Autumn all the way through Spring, although they are typically thought of as a Spring flower.

These work best in designs that will be viewed close up; bouquets, bud vases and table centrepieces (although they really are gorgeous in anything!).

2. Spirea blossom

white spirea blossom shrub

Nothing screams "Spring Time" more than blossom. Spirea is one of my favourites to work with. As the name suggests, long spire shaped branches of tiny white flowers.

Spirea blossom is usually available mid January to March.

Longer stems look great cascading from larger installation pieces, and smaller stems look beautiful in bridal bouquets and floral centrepieces.

3. Anemones

close up image of three red anemones with black centres in a clear glass vase

Those fuzzy little centres! I have a love / hate relationship with Anemones, they're so gorgeous... BUT early in the season they can be a nightmare to open in time for weddings.

Available in lots of different colours; the white with a black centre "Panda" anemone, is the one couples always ask for, but there are lots of colour varieties. Typically, they are available commercially from late autumn to late spring, although I tend to avoid them until the new year for better quality of blooms.

Anemones work beautifully in all types of arrangements; from bridal bouquets to centrepieces to installations. They do prefer to be in water, but when conditioned properly by your wedding florist will hold up in bouquets.

4. Narcissi

close up of a white narcissi

Ohhh so gorgeous! And sooo many varieties!

Some of my favourites are the multi-headed varieties like, bridal spray and paper white. They're delicate creamy white flowers are perfect for weddings, adding a touch of spring-time.

When we think of Narcissi most of us think of bright yellow daffodils, but they're available in so many colours. From white to peach and all the way to bright yellow!

Typically available all throughout winter and spring.

They work wonderfully in all types of design, although single headed varieties can be a little trickier to design with (they never want to face the right way!). Care does need to be taken when conditioning Narcissi, as their sap can kill other flowers. They should be given a long drink away from other flowers to allow the sap to drain, then they can be used as normal.

5. Tulips

close up image of pink and white tulips

Tulips are another flower that have so many varieties; huge amount of colours, shapes and textures. The gorgeous double petal varieties (shown in the photo) open up so beautifully, they often get mistaken for peonies. Perfect if you love peonies but aren't getting married in peony season!

Despite being thought of as a Spring flower, Tulips are actually available commercially for a lot of the year, they start coming into season mid autumn and stick around until early summer.

Tulips work beautifully in all sorts of floral designs, personal flowers to centrepieces. They do keep growing when cut, and do move themselves to face the light so can move if in a design for a couple of days!

close up of a peach and orange bridal bouquet with spring flowers by emma jane floral design

If you'd like to enquire about flowers for your spring wedding, fill out the contact form on my website! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding plans!

image of a pink and white bridal bouquet containing blossom and spring flowers by emma jane floral design


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