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Seasonal Flowers... The Myth Debunked!

Floral background with text overlay reading "season flowers make wedding designs cheaper - the myth busted! by Emma Jane Floral Design"

I often get asked if using "seasonal flowers" will make wedding designs cheaper. And the short answer is... No (sorry!).

Contrary to the many, many wedding blogs I've seen, I'm afraid choosing seasonal doesn't actually make your designs cheaper. It simply doesn't add any *EXTRA* expense? Does that make sense?! No? Okay, so let's delve a little deeper...

Close up of a boho bridal bouquet sitting on a wooden chair. The bouquet contains spring blossom with peach and orange roses.

Photography by Dearest Love Photography.

What does "seasonal" even mean?!

Every flower has a season. (Think daffodils growing in the springtime etc.) Some flowers have a shorter season than others. For example, peonies are only in season in May and early June. Others have a season that lasts months and some flowers are even available all year round i.e. they no specific season.

Being "in season" means that the flowers are at their very best at the time of your wedding, which is obviously what you want! It also means that at the time of your wedding they are likely to be priced at their "standard" price. Note: not cheaper, just at their standard price.

If you want specific blooms OUT of season, such as peonies in July, Delphiniums in October etc, we can *SOMETIMES* get them... but they're going to have a premium price because they are out of season. There is a smaller amount of the product available and hence the price is driven up, that is, they're gonna cost ya the big bucks!

Close up of a boho style wildflower bridal and bridemaid bouquet with trailing silk ribbon, sitting on an exposed brick window sill.

Choosing seasonal is no-brainer for most florists. Why wouldn't we take advantage of the gorgeous bounty that the season has to offer?!

My TOP TIP for making the most of your wedding budget is this; set a colour palette and vibe rather than requesting specific flower varieties. This allows your florist to use their knowledge and expertise to select the best quality, seasonal blooms for your big day. Plus, it means you get a few extra special surprises! Win, win!

A spring bridal bouquet with anemones and ranunculus, with trailing silk ribbon sitting on a stone step.

The bouquet above was made for a spring bride who requested natural, romantic wedding flowers in delicate blush and ivory with a few hints of baby blue in an English Garden" style. I loveeeee Spring weddings so much because there is an abundance of beautiful flowers available. Here I chose; Spirea blossom, Anenomes, Ranunculus, Butterfly Ranunculus and Narcissi to give a real sense of the season alongside classic garden roses and those perfect china blue Oxypetalum. So romantic, so dreamy!

Close up of bride and bridesmaids carrying bright boho wildflower style bouquets.

Photography by Jake Morley Photography.

If you'd like to chat with me about seasonal flowers for your wedding, please fill in the contact form on my website. I can't wait to hear from you!


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