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Mid Week Wedding Inspiration - Neutral on neutral

Hello again!

Dried arrangements seem to be a BIG thing for 2019 weddings, they're everywhere at the moment! So here's the theme for this week's #MidWeekWeddingInspo: "Neutral on Neutral".

I guess dried flowers and grasses have had a bit of a bad rep for a while so it's interesting to see them being brought bang up to date & into everyone's Wedding Wishlist. Get dusty old arrangements out of your head and refill it with modern, architectural designs! I should also note that this is a bit out of the box for me. I'm a firm believer in more is more when it comes to flowers, pizza, cake, life... Ha! So it's a bit of a challenge for me to go minimalist.

I've gone clean & pared back (for me, at least!) with this colour palette; white, blush and sandy tones. That being said, simple certainly doesn't have to mean ordinary. Orchids, roses and Amaranthus make this look super luxe and chic; the stuff of minimalist wedding dreams! I think this kind of scheme would work really well in a modern, bright, whitewashed brick, warehouse style building - that's what I was imagining whilst creating it.

So... Here it is!

Emma jane floral design snips and image from pinterest wedding inspiration board titles neutral on neutral

I'll start with invites; Simple elegant invites with a clean, black font sets the scene for a modern minimalist wedding.

I've used loadsssss of dried materials for this theme. I think they look fab with a modern minimalist wedding. I've pinned different types of grasses and seed pods including Rabbit's Tail Grass, Scabiosa pods and Poppy seed heads. They each add different textural elements & interest to the arrangements.

Architectural elements create a modern, bold statement. Silver Dollar, dried Coral Fern and preserved Palm leaves are fab for this. Pampas Grass too! Pampas is a big trend at the moment as well and looks great in large installation pieces.

I wanted to add some fresh flowers in as well because, it's your big day, you deserve it all! (Also I think

using a mix of dried / fresh adds depth and takes away connotations of dusty old arrangements stuffed in dark corners. Anyway...) Pale pine Anthurium look fantastic with neutrals and reflexed sandy-blush roses like "Quicksand" really bring it to life. White Amaranthus and foxgloves add a touch of floaty romance & orchids bring some velvety luxury to the mix!

A simple table scape really shows of beautiful architectural flowers. A crisp neutral tablecloth, pure white plates and statement gold cutlery. You know by now, I'm all about jazzy cutlery! White candles in simple gold candle holders and a beautiful elegant, clean, white cake.

I think you have to be pretty bold to go for a minimalist style wedding dress. The temptation is there to go all out - frills, froth, sparkles, sequins & lace - with the traditional idea of a princess wedding dress. Hey, no judgement here! I've said it before, I'm a "more is more" kinda girl myself! But you know, not everyone wants to be a traditional princess some of you might want to be super chic and modern (not that the two are always mutually exclusive!). The dress I've chosen to compliment this theme is an elegant, clean, simple, white dress with architectural pleated sleeves. Modern, fresh & not at all fussy! I LOVE it!

As always, I don't own any of these pictures. Go to Pinterest to see original photo owners & check out the full board (… really, I got a bit carried away. There's sooo much that doesn't fit on the snip this week!).


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