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How To Make Your Wedding Tablescapes MAGICAL

Floral background with paint swipe graphic and text reading "How to make your wedding tablescapes magical! by Emma Jane Floral Design"

Insta covered with those picture-perfect wedding tablescapes?! Yep, same! There's more to it than simply choosing your floral centrepieces (although that's a great place to start!). Here's how to create that perfectly effortless styling we all covet!

1. Choose your colour palette and stick to it!

This sounds obvious, but you need to consistently use your colour palette throughout your tablescape design. Create a mood board with some colour swatches (Canva has some great free templates!), this can really help you whittle down your choices and saves you wasting money on items that don't go together. Use your swatches to choose your flowers, table linen, crockery and candles.

Using one metal cohesively really elevates your styling as well, so choose silver or gold and then apply it throughout.

Photography by WyldBee Photography

2. Create a romantic look by adding interest at different levels.

Having everything at one height tends to look a bit corporate. Instead, mix things up a bit! Add in tapered candles, tea lights and flowers at different levels - it looks way more interesting and romantic!

Photography by Eva Murko Photography

3. Layering textures adds depth for a super luxe look!

Linen, glassware and tablecloths choices can really elevate your tables. Consider the material of vessels used for your floral centrepieces too, are they metallic, glass or something else? Tying all of these elements together creates a stylish and cohesive design.

Photography by Pix by Vix

4. Add in personal touches that your guests will remember!

Have some fun! It's your wedding day and those personal details are what makes it extra special!

Some of my favourites are; napkins embroidered with guests names, resin name places, bespoke fragranced candles throughout the wedding (maybe your favourite scent?) and super cute tiny macron favours decorated with the couples' initials! There really is no limit, but try to choose things that reflect you, as a couple, for a thoughtful and authentic experience.

Resin table place name reading "osian" with flowers and gold leaf

Need some help creating your dream wedding tablescape? Contact Emma Jane Floral Design via my contact page to chat all things floral!


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