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How To Choose Wedding Flowers That Compliment Your Wedding Venue

How to choose wedding flowers that compliment your wedding venue by Emma Jane Floral Design

You have embarked on your wedding planning mission! You've searched and found the perfect venue and the date has been set. Now you are starting to look at choosing the perfect wedding florals and decoration to make your dream day come to life. But how can you make sure your flowers work with your venue to create the perfect wedding vibe?

You wouldn’t choose a sequin ballgown for a relaxed family picnic style wedding, would you? (Or I don't know – maybe you would?!). In the same way that you select a bridal gown to compliment the tone you want to set for your wedding, your wedding flowers should do the same.

This isn’t about rules, I love to create designs that break away from the traditional “rules” of floristry. By considering these points you can make the most of your flowers AND your venue! Yay!

Compliment the vibe of the venue.

Think about it, why did you choose your venue? Was it the relaxed party atmosphere? The hip industrial space or classic glamour of the ballroom? Use this to influence your choice of flowers and help your florist get an idea of the overall atmosphere you’re looking to create.

Work with what you’ve got!

What features does you venue have? If your venue has classic columns flanking the entrance, a stunning large fireplace, or beautiful beams; work with it! Use your floral designs to highlight how amazing the venue is!

Create a WOW entrance with a deconstructed asymmetric arch installation. Here I've created an illustrated design mock-up of Garthmyl Hall in Mid Wales, to show you how a deconstructed floral arch installation can compliment the glamour of columns on the entrance porch.

A long arrangement or a collection of bud vases filled with blooms of differing heights can sit along a mantle pieces and create a real focal. And you can show of gorgeous beams with trailing ivy, foliage garlands or a hanging floral installation.

Colour palette

You can skip this one if you’ve chosen a “blank slate” wedding venue. This kind of venue often have one large open room (think a wedding barn or marquee or a venue like The Giraffe Shed, in Powys) with neutral décor, ready to accommodate any colour scheme you can dream up!

If you’ve chosen a hotel, manor house or stately home, chances are it is already decorated to a colour scheme. Think about the décor, wall covering, art and carpeting. For example, say you’re planning on a stylish colour palette of ombre pink; from the palest blush all the way through to magenta. But you venue has a red carpet. Unless you're going for a modern clash of red and hot pink, this probably isn't going to give the aesthetic you were hoping for.

I’m by no means saying you should choose a venue based on its carpet or, even worse, suggesting you ask the venue to change their carpet! But it is something to keep in mind when choose a colour palette that works for your wedding venue.

Are there any restrictions?

Some venues and stately homes have restrictions on the mechanics that can be used for floral designs. For example, you may not be allowed to secure a floral garland around a stone doorway on an old property. But don’t fret! Instead speak with your florist to come up with alternatives. A moon gate or freestanding arch gives the same effect without the need to secure mechanics to the actual building.

The other thing to remember here is practicality. If you’re having a marquee wedding with a dramatic hanging floral installation, both your marquee supplier and your florist are going to require onsite construction time (as well as the rest of your wedding suppliers). If you have a wedding planner or coordinating they will sort this out for you, otherwise you need to carefully consider the arrival times of suppliers, allowing for time schedules running over and ensuring that all suppliers have each other’s contact details.

Floral runner garland design mock up by Emma Jane Floral Design

Table Layout

Most venues allow tables to be arranged in a number of different ways– but not always. Ask your venue if they have any options for the table layout for your wedding breakfast, then choose floral designs that work with it.

You want your floral centrepieces to compliment the table they are sitting on. A floral runner or garland design, which extend horizontally, really suit long trestle tables (like the one I've illustrated in the mock-up here!). Whereas a circular floral pomander style design will suit a round table.


You don’t want a gorgeous large urn or pedestal sitting next to a blow heater, causing it to wilt. Obviously in a bricks and mortar venue the heating is in set places, so bare this in mind when deciding where to place arrangements. However, in a marquee, tipi or yurt it’s a little trickier. Ask you supplier where the heat source will be placed before deciding on the placement of florals.


Imagine you opt for a super luxe floral look; all white blooms and minimal foliage in a glamorous bright white lined marquee… You and your guests won’t get the full effect of the florals as they blend into the white background. Adding in some shade through coloured blooms or lush foliage will make the designs really pop against the pale background.

Likewise, imagine you’ve opted for a barn wedding venue; lots of wood and rustic beams – a perfect blank canvas. For your florals to stand out here you need to add in some light highlights to catch the eye. Dark burgundy would be lost amongst the background, simply adding in a little blush and ivory will lift the designs and create the wow you’re looking for, as illustration here with this illustrated design mock-up of a dramatic hanging floral installation for Pimhill Barn in Shropshire.

As a floral designer specialising in bespoke weddings and events flowers, I have the absolute pleasure of working with lots of different styles of venues; everything from marquees and tipis to wedding barns to manor houses. Contact me to chat through the options for your wedding flowers and talk about how to harmonise your floral designs with your wedding venue.


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