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4 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Colour To Your Wedding Flowers

Colourful floral background with a circle containing the text " 4 reasons why you should consider adding colour to your wedding flowers by Emma Jane Floral Design"

Gone are the days of the "all-white-everything" rule for weddings!

In the past white was primarily used for weddings to symbolise a bride's "purity", but these days we are much less concerned with symbolising our sexual pasts (thank goodness for that!) and much more into celebrations which truly encapsulate the personalities of the happy couple! So, out with the white, and in with the... whatever you want!

A wedding party hold bouquets of flowers in front of them. The flowers are bright orange, burgundy peach and yellow with trailing silk ribbons.

Photo by ATD Photography.

Adding colour to your wedding palette doesn't necessarily mean throwing a rainbow themed wedding (although that does sound pretty fun!). Pastels, neutrals and those gorgeous warm earthy tones can be used harmoniously to create a real statement look too!

Floral centrepiece meadow arrangement of purple and white flowers with brass candlesticks holding baby blue candles and matching blue plates.

When used correctly colour can do sooo much to enhance your wedding. Here are just a few reasons why I LOVE IT!

  1. Colour can be used to add depth to floral arrangements making them appear more lavish and opulent.

When a design is all the same colour it can be difficult to distinguish one flower from another. Using different tones and a little splash of a contrasting colour makes designs look fuller and richer. Here I have used lots of warm earthy tonal colours with a little pop of burgundy for contrast.

Wedding tablescape incorporating a floral compote wedding centrepiece in autumnal shades.

2. Bouquets and floral installations look much more impactful in photographs when colour is used. Especially if you or your partner are wearing white or black, a pop of colour stands out beautifully.

Tell me the baby blue in this bridal bouquet doesn't just POP?!

Bride carrying a bright floral bouquet. The bouquet had flowers in blue, dusky pink and burnt orange shades.

Photo by Jessica Karen Photography.

3. Colour is a great way of incorporating your surroundings and venue décor.

If your venue has bold décor this is definitely something to consider. In the photo below I have worked with colours that compliment the gorgeous dining room at Garthmyl Hall in this intimate wedding breakfast set-up. The flowers pick up some of the colours used in the wall paper, dusky pinks and beige tones. There are a few burgundy pops within the floral compotes too which echo the colour of the curtains and the brass candlesticks compliment the gold chandelier. It all works together to create one thoughtful and cohesive look.

Photo of a room set up for a classical elegant intimate wedding breakfast in a period house. On the table sits floral centrepiece arrangements and candles, from the ceiling hangs a chandelier.

4. The use of colour is such a lovely way to show your personalities throughout your wedding and make the day even more YOU!

Floral pocket square buttonhole alternative incorporating red, orange, burgundy and yellow flowers.

Photo by ATD Photography.

Are you convinced? Will you be adding a pop of colour to your wedding day?!

If you'd like to enquire about you wedding flowers and would like a little help selecting the colour palette for your wedding flowers, fill in the enquiry form on my homepage to chat all things wedding with me! I can't wait to hear from you!

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