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3 Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers

A Background of ivory and pale pink fresh flowers with text overlay reading "3 Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers by Emma Jane Floral Design"

Let's face it, wedding planning can be a little daunting. So many decisions to make, so many different suppliers... where do you even start?! Here are my top 3 tips for choosing your wedding flowers, to get you started in the world of wedding planning!

1. Choose a florist whose designs you LOVE.

Your wedding flowers can be the real make or break when it comes to creating a successful design for your wedding. Choose a florist whose style aligns with the vibe and aesthetic you're hoping to create to ensure thoughtful cohesive design throughout.

As tempting as it might be to choose a wedding florist based on price alone, remember this: there is no point in having cheap flowers that you hate on your wedding day.

Close up of a wildflower style bridal bouquet with silk ribbons. There is a bride in a wedding dress and exposed brick wall in the background/

2. Share your budget with your florist but keep an open mind too!

Your florist will have seen A LOT of weddings! They've probably been to your venue before and will know what works well within a space and what doesn't.

They might have ideas you've never even thought of and will be able to suggest arrangements that work well with your design aesthetic and budget.

Bridal party laugh together in front of a period house. Bridesmaids are wearing dusky pink bridesmaid dresses and carrying pink and lilac bridesmaid bouquets. The bride wears a white tuille dress and carried a pink and lilac bridal bouquet with silk ribon.

Photography by Andy Li Photography

3. Trust me, I'm a wedding florist!

I always think that establishing a clear feeling or vibe for a wedding is far more important than a couple selecting specific flower varieties. In fact... I actually prefer working with couples who don't have specific flower varieties in mind!

Giving your florist a little creative freedom with your flowers allows us to maximise your flower budget, select the very best quality and you get something EVEN MORE beautiful than you could have imagined!

Bride in white dress and beaded head band talks with her wedding guests. She is carrying a vibrant multicoloured wildflower style bridal bouquet/

Photography by Jake Morley Photography

If you're looking for a florist for your 2023 or 2024 wedding and you think EJFD would suit your vibe, simply fill in the contact form to check my availability and start chatting all things flowers! Yay!

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