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3 Things to Remember when Using Pinterest to Plan your Wedding Flowers

We've all done it... you get a bit excited pinning wedding inspo on Pinterest and all of a sudden you're going to need to sell a kidney to pay for it all!

Here are my top tips for things to remember when using Pinterest to plan your wedding flowers:

  1. Seasonality

A lot of commercial flowers are available all year around but some popular wedding choices have a short season - Peonies for example. Many couples see dreamy bouquets filled with Peonies on Pinterest and fall in love, but unfortunately Peonies have quite a short season; they're at their best during the late Spring / early Summer months of May and June. Keep this in mind when looking for inspiration.

2. Editing

It is so common for couples to find a photo with THE EXACT ROSE that matches their bridesmaid dresses. Remember that photographers edit the light and colour in their photos so the colour of the flowers you're seeing might not be true to real life.

I always recommend working with the tones and hues around a colour rather than trying to match exactly. Nature is freestyle, even in one wrap of roses there can be very slight variation in colour. Using different tones helps add more depth to floral arrangements and gives a more luxurious look.

3. Styled Shoots

Lots of the wedding inspiration photographs you'll see on Pinterest are actually from styled editorial shoots rather than real life weddings. Bare this in mind when considering the practicality of floral designs.

Also consider any restrictions your venue may have. A hanging canopy of foliage may look utterly stunning, but if you have a listed venue who do not allow fixings on their ceilings this may not be realistic for your wedding.

Are you using Pinterest to plan your wedding? Fill in my Contact Form and send a link to you Pinterest board - lets chat all things floral!


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