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Reuse & Recycle: How To Maximise Your Budget By Repurposing Your Wedding Flowers

Meadow background with brown paint swish with white text reading "maximise your wedding budget by prepurposing you wedding flowers by Emma Jane Floral Design"

We all know weddings don't come cheap. But whether your flower budget is £2k or £20k, we all want to feel that we're getting out money's worth, don't we?!

One way to do this is by repurposing your wedding flowers multiple times throughout your wedding day. You've paid for the flowers so you should get as much enjoyment from them as possible!

Some of my favourite pieces for repurposing... (Click the arrow on the image to see how the original design was repurposed!).

- Urn arrangements: from ceremony centrepiece to wedding breakfast décor!

Hannah and Aled chose these versatile urn arrangements to create a focal point and frame their ceremony in front of this stunning arch doorway at Plas Dinam Country House. They were later moved to behind the top table to be enjoyed during the wedding breakfast.

- Frames and Arches: from ceremony backdrop to top table!

Kadie and Ben's handmade A-frame arch was adorned with floral sprigs to create a backdrop for their wedding ceremony. They later moved this to behind their top table, providing a focal point for the wedding breakfast.

- Meadow arrangements: from aisle of dreams to top table adornment!

Sam and Melvyn chose to line their aisle with floral meadows for a dreamy abundant look. The meadows were then moved in front of the top table to provide even more WOW factor for their wedding breakfast!

Photography by Eva Murko Photography

- Meadow arrangements (yes, these deserve two places on the list because I love them so much!): from Ceremony setting to photo backdrop!

Jade and Chloe opted for a frothy white meadow as their ceremony backdrop. We later moved this to in front of these super cool mirrored LOVE letters to provide guests with ample photo opportunities!

Photography by Pix By Vix

- Bouquets: from Bridesmaids to cake table décor!

YES! Even your bouquets can be reused as décor! Bouquets are great for popping in vases and using to dress up little corners like the cake table, bar or next to your guest book. Just remember to put some vases in place and instruct your bridesmaids where to place their bouquets.

Photography by ATD Photography

A few things to remember when planning to repurpose your wedding flowers;

  1. If you require your florist to stay at the venue to move floral pieces, please do expect to pay them for their time and let them know beforehand.

  2. Do check with your florist that the piece is suitable for repurposing - some designs just aren't made to be moved!

  3. Check the distance between the locations and ensure there are no tricky to navigate areas (stairs are a florists worst enemy!).

  4. Remember that each piece has been made to be viewed at a certain angle (no one wants to be staring at the back of that beautiful urn arrangement!) if your florist is not staying to reposition designs, make sure you have an appointed person to ensure they are moved safely and placed correctly. If they need guidance, get them to check in with the florist on the day.

  5. Yes, we can move designs. No, we cannot demolish and redesign the flowers into another piece.

I hope this gives you a few ideas of how you can maximise your wedding budget by repurposing your floral designs throughout your wedding day. If you'd like to enquire about wedding flowers for your big day, please fill in the contact form on my home page and we can chat all things flowery!


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