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Mid Week Wedding Inspiration - Modern Tropical

Tropical has been "in" for a while in fashion and home décor (stick a pineapple or Monstera leaf on it and we all love it!) and we're starting to see it filter into wedding styling as well. I tend to stick to more of a natural cottage garden-y style but I love love loveeeeeee lush green tropical foliage so... this week's #MidWeekWeddingInspo is "Modern Tropical".

When I start dreaming up a wedding mood board I tend to start with the venue. For "Modern Tropical" the dream venue would be Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool. I imagine there are lots of other glass houses or botanical gardens around that would be fab. This is the one that came to mind, probably because of my time spent at Uni in the city, plus you can actually get married there so... Yey!

As far as colours go I've gone for lots of shades of green. Splashes of hot pink and orange with hints of dark purple and blush to add depth. You can probably tell by now that I love gold. But really - I think antique gold would work perfectly with this!

Emma jane floral design snips an image from her pinterest wedding inspiration board titled modern tropical, pink and orange flowers with vibrant green foliage

Let's start with the foliage. I think here the foliage is actually the key element to making this design successful. If I took everything away and left the foliage, you could all still guess that the theme was tropical. I've put in loads of different textures, shapes & colours of foliage. Glossy deep greens of all shapes and sizes; Fatsia, Bird of Paradise leaf, Monstera and Banana Leaf. Feathery Leatherleaf ferns, trailing Jasmine vines and, it wouldn't be tropical without, palm leaves. I've also added in some lime green flowers; trailing Amaranthus & tall Bells of Ireland (Moluccella Laevis), to add depth and interest.

Obviously, we're going to need some tropical flowers as well. I've used exotic ginger plant in hot pink (fun fact - the root of this is the ginger used for cooking!), hibiscus flowers and orchids. As well as, Protea (they're everywhereeeee at the moment and I love them!) and Anthurium to conjure up thoughts of the rainforest! I've put these with some more traditional British flowers; cerise stock (double points for them because they smell amazing!) dahlia & peonies (if you're lucky enough to catch them in season). Hot pink Astilbe add some bright feathery gorgeous-ness too! To continue to exotic journey I've used bright orange and tangerine; Orange Trumpet Vine (Pyrostegia Venusta), Pincushion Protea, Orchids and Dahlia.

The deep grape and aubergine of tumbling Amaranthus and Calla Lily add depth to the arrangements. Likewise, I've thrown in some blush protea (in blushing bride - appropriate much?!) and bubblegum Anthurium.

Moving on to personal flowers... I am absolutely loving bouquets based around one hugeee Monstera leaf. Splashes of colour tie everything together and trailing green Amaranthus add interest. I've chosen a boho lace wedding dress with hair in natural beachy waves to create a relaxed holiday vibe. A flower crown of pink and orange exotic blooms completes the look of our tropical bride. For the Groom & wedding party; buttonholes with Blushing Bride Protea and a little glossy green foliage.

Last but by no means least, the table design: Vintage china plates in pure white with pretty frilled edges and gold cutlery sit on top of dark wood tables. Exotic leaves calligraphed with gold ink are used as name places. Antique gold candle sticks (I bet you're bored of seeing these in all of my boards but aren't they just GORGEOUS!?) with tapered candles in bright fuchsia, orange, coral & tangerine. Guests sit on wooden chairs and the cake is adorned with tropical leaves and gold leaf.

Modern tropical. Doesn't it sound dreamy? Or is this design a bit too... "Themed Wedding" for you?! Let me know what you think.

As always I don't own these photographs. Click through to my Pinterest board to see where they originally came from!


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