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Choosing Wedding Flowers When You Have Allergies

Carrying a bouquet of flowers, that you're allergic to, down the aisle is pretty much a worst case scenario, isn't it? No one wants a runny nose and puffy eyes on their wedding day! So where do you start when you have allergies but still want those dreamy florals?!

Obviously, flowers which produce higher levels of pollen are more likely to cause hayfever symptoms. But to add to this, some flowers produce small pollen particles which are light enough to float in air. These airborne particles float about causing chaos and irritating our allergies!

To reduce those sneezes on your wedding day, try to avoid using flowers which produce a larger amount of pollen, and those with small pollen particles. These include;

- Chrysanthemums

- Lilies

- Gypsophila

- Aster

- Chamomile

- Gerbera

- Dahlia

- Grasses... including Pampas (Sorry boho fans!)

- Dried flowers

Instead opt for flowers which produce a low amount of heavy pollen particles, such as;

- Roses

- Peonies (Hurrah!)

- Carnations

- Hydrangea

- Orchids

- Zinnia

- Snapdragons

- Tulips

- Calla lilies

- Astantia

- Gladiola

- Protea

- Birds of Paradise

But remember; allergies are different for everyone. Pack some anti-histamines into your wedding day essentials bag - just in case! Or have a trial run to avoid any on-the-day sneezes!

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Has this helped you narrow down your wedding flowers? Drop me a comment below to tell me what flowers you're having!


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