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A Place Beyond the Pines...

Lockdown has been pretty weird generally hasn't it? One minute there were a summer's worth of weddings ahead and the next we were only allowed out of the house to exercise once a day!

During this time making and creating has taken a bit of a back seat and I've been focusing my time on all of the little business-y bits and bobs (that I'm terrible for putting off in favour of playing with beautiful blooms)... Marketing, social media and blogging being a few of those!

So when Sophie, of Sophie Renshaw Photography, and I decided it was high time to get back creating again, I jumped at the chance to stop sitting in front of my laptop - we did a shoot!

The Concept

The shoot was to be kept super simple. Being in Wales, we were still under the "Stay Local" restrictions at the time, but with the beautiful Welsh hills around us we were spoilt for choice! We opted for a simple rural location, with lots of long grasses to evoke a feeling of those long, hot summer days that drift into evenings filled with laughter and beautiful sunsets.

The Flowers

The colour palette was inspired by one lone snapdragon growing in my garden, which somehow managed to contain all the colours of sunset in one single bloom; rich reds, burgundy, orange and peach. Dreamy!

I opted a mixture of fresh and dried ingredients. Delicate peach roses, gorgeous velvet-y deep burgundy sweet william and scabiosa (or "Pin Cushions") were teamed with dried bracken, grasses and seed pods - perfect for adding texture and giving a modern take on the Boho wedding trend.

The Fashion

Two lace dresses, suede boots, a vintage engagement ring, and a beautiful hand-crafted fedora from Madog Millinery made up this simple shoot.

Check out the rest of the album here!

P.S. If you've looked through these snaps and thought you recognise the model... yup, it's me! I literally laughed when Sophie asked me to model, I thought she was joking! But Sophie was fab for making me feel comfortable and I tried super hard to shake off my naturally awkward-in-front-of-the-camera self! Did I manage it?!


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