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6 Reasons Why I LOVE Bud Vases As Wedding Centrepieces

Bud vases of flowers on staircase with the text "6 reasons why i love bud vases as wedding centrepieces by Emma Jane Floral Design"

Bud Vases are one of my favourite centrepieces for weddings. Want to know why?! Check out my top reasons below! They might soon be your favourite too!

1. They don't intrude on the eye line or prohibit conversation across the table.

White tablescape set for a wedding with white flowers in vases and candles.

Photo by Pix by Vix.

2. They can be adapted to suit ANY colour palette or theme.

Bright and bold colour palette? Or even muted neutrals?! Not a problem!

Yellow rose and foliage in a bud vase on top of a table with a white tablecloth

Photo by ATD Photography.

3. They add a fresh POP of colour to a table.

Flowers ALWAYS bring a wedding tablescape to life.

Two small bases of red and white flowers sit on a white tablecloth next to a gold candelabra

3. The flower stems are in water so they stay looking fresh all day and night!

...You can even gift the flowers to your guests after the wedding! Just remember to look after any hired vases or you may end up with an unexpected bill.

A vase of fresh flowers sitting on a log slice.

4. They can be styled with foliage, garlands or candles for a more abundant aesthetic.

For this botanical wedding at Plas Dinam Country House we used bud vases alongside foliage and brass candlesticks for maximu

Rustic wooden trestle tables with foliage garlands and bud vases running down the middle of the table.

5. They absolutely TRANSFORM a space!

A period ball room set with tables ready for dinner. On the tables are fresh flowers and candles.

6. They can be used with other floral arrangements for an extra floral POP.

For this intimate wedding breakfast in the Garthmyl Hall dining room, we used bud vases alongside compote arrangements for an elegant, classic look.

A table set for dinner with fresh flowers and candles. Above the table hangs a chandelier.

Are you convinced? Would you choose bud vases for you wedding centrepieces?

If you'd like to enquire about your wedding flowers please fill in the contact form on my homepage! I can't wait to hear from you!


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