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5 Top Tips for Planning your Wedding Centrepieces

Choosing the floral centrepieces for your wedding can be overwhelming - there are just soooo many choices! Here are my 5 top tips to narrow down your wedding flower options and help you create your dream wedding!

1. Consider the shape of the tables.

Some designs work better on a long trestle table than on a round table, and vice versa! Foliage garlands look great running down the centre of a trestle table but don't work so well for round ones. Likewise, a round rose bowl design works best on a round table. Keep this in mind when planning your floral centrepieces.

Photograph by Wyldbee Photography.

2. Consider the venue décor.

If the venue has bold décor in your reception space, you may want to consider choosing floral designs that will compliment it. We can all get a little carried away choosing bridesmaid dresses, flowers etc before we've stopped to think - but make sure your chosen colour palette does not jar with the colour of the room.

3. Consider the height of the floral designs.

Typically with centrepieces the trick is to either go HIGH or LOW. Higher or lower than they eyeline, that is! You don't want anything that will intrude or prevent conversation across the table.

Photograph by Pix by Vix.

4. Consider your meal choices and think about what needs to fit on the table.

Having a seven course tasting menu (yum, dreamy!)? You're going to require a lot of cutlery and tableware so you many need to smaller floral design to fit everything on. Have you chosen sharing platters? You may need to allow space for these as well.

Likewise, trestle tables can be quite narrow once lots of glassware is added (they're usually around 3 foot wide) - consider a long narrow arrangement to stop it feeling too cluttered.

5. Consider how many tables you're actually having and set a REALISTIC budget to accommodate this.

If you're having 23 tables, you're going to need to spend more than a couple with 10 tables... It might be obvious, but sometimes they can be overlooked during the excitement of wedding planning!

Photography by Wyldbee Photography

I hope these few tips help you decide on the prefect floral centrepiece for your wedding. If you'd like to discuss your wedding flowers in more detail drop me a message!


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