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5 Things Your Wedding Suppliers Want You To Know This Wedding Season

In the background there is a bridal bouquet with roses and pampas grass made by Emma Jane Floral Design. On top sits the words in white "% things your wedding suppliers want you to know this wedding season" and at the bottom of the image "".

This summer is going to be weird one for weddings. Lots of couples don't know how many people they can invite to their special day or what restrictions they will have to adhere to. It's been a stressful time to be an engaged couple!

It's a weird time for wedding suppliers too; restrictions changing, weddings being postponed / cancelled/ going ahead... AND to top that off most of the weddings scheduled for 2020 have been pushed to this summer too. It's a busy time to be a wedding supplier to say the least!

Don't get me wrong, I am DELIGHTED to be back at work! Creating magical weddings is what I love, and I've been lost without it for the last 18 months. In the past, the wedding industry hasn't been great at transparency; we make all the pretty stuff happen and customers have no idea what goes on behind the scenes or how much work goes into it. I have been seeing more and more suppliers posting online about being utterly exhausted, I decided now was the time for me to do my small part in changing this... here are 5 things your wedding suppliers want you to know this wedding season!

  1. We might take a little longer to respond to enquiries.

We're not ignoring you, we are just SUPER busy right now. We have to prioritise responding to couples who are getting married this year before we think about anyone else. But believe me when I say, we are trying our best to respond ASAP!

Sometimes enquiries can get lost - if you haven't received a response within a week, first check it hasn't sneaked into your junk folder and if not, do give us a little nudge!

2. Most of us are out of the office working on weddings towards the end of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday at the very least).

We probably won't be replying to emails or taking calls during these times unless they are urgent. You can still send us that email, we will reply when we're back in the office!

Florist Emma Jane Floral Design creates large floral installation for a wedding ceremony in Ludlow castle. She is wearing a stripy grey and blue three quarter sleeve top and black jeans with a leopard print belt.

3. The pandemic has taken it's toll on ALL OF US. Please show us kindness and respect, and we will show you the same. :)

4. Please send enquiries via our emails or website contact forms.

They're forever getting lost on social media, which is frustrating for all of us! Emails are kept nice and safely, and are really handy for referring back to. Don't forget to check that junk folder for replies too!

5. If you see us posting on social media but we haven't responded to your enquiry, we're not ignoring you! Promise!

Social media is a super important part of running a small business. A lot of small business owners will schedule posts when we know we will be too busy to post ourselves or we schedule specific time for social media interaction.

Florist Emma Jane Floral Design wears a black top and mustard skirt whilst tying trailing ribbon on a boho bridal bouquet for a wedding at Gregynog Hall in Powys.



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