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5 Things to Tell your Wedding Florist

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So, you've booked a consultation with your wedding florist... What next?! I so often speak to couples who are totally overwhelmed by booking their wedding flowers; they might not know exactly what they want, they don't know the names of the flowers or designs they like, or they just can't narrow down their style. Worry not - I'm here to help!

Here are my top 5 things to share with your florist, they're a great starting point for figuring out how to make your dream wedding into reality!

1. What's your vibe?

Have a think about what type of atmosphere you are trying to create for your wedding - Is it a formal Bridgerton-eqsue ball, or a relaxed party vibe? Classic, rustic or industrial? Or something else completely?! Pinning down the feeling your trying to create really helps with flower selection. For example, if you opted for a elegant summer garden party I might suggest incorporating blousy blooms like garden roses, delphinium with lots of lush green foliage.

2. What's your colour palette?

I always suggest working with tones and hues around the colour rather than trying to match it exactly. Within nature it can be super difficult to predict the exact colour of a bloom, even within the same wrap of roses from the wholesaler some may be a touch lighter, darker, warmer or cooler. Working with a mix of harmonious colours creates a luxurious full look and brings depth to the floral arrangements.

3. What are the logistics?

Where is your venue? What time is the ceremony? What time can do we have access to set up? The less exciting, but very important details! It is also important to mention if your personal flowers; bouquets, buttonholes, etc, need to be delivered to a different address to the wedding venue... We don't want bouquets turning up at the wrong location!

4. What shaped tables are you having?

Some designs work better on a long trestle table than on a round table, so it is important to think of this when choosing your floral centrepieces. Ask your venue about the different room configurations for the wedding breakfast. This may also be influenced by the atmosphere you're trying to create, round tables are much more classic and traditional whereas trestle tables give a slightly less formal feeling.

5. What's your budget?

I sometimes find couples can be reluctant to share their budget with their wedding florist, but knowing what you have to spend, even its a rough estimate, helps me to guide you towards designs within it.

I hope you've found these tips a helpful place to start your wedding planning. Check out my Instagram page for more hints and tips for planning your wedding flowers!


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