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3 Floral Designs Couples ALWAYS Forget To Order

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With so much going on in the lead up to your wedding day, it's only natural for a few things to slip your mind! Here are my top three "Ahhhh! I forgot to order ---, please can you add them to my flower order?!" designs. Have you remembered to order them?!

1. Corsages

Either worn pinned to an outfit or tied on the wrist (a much more American style, but very cute!). Do the ladies in your family want corsages? They are by no means necessary, but a nice touch to help mums / grannies / important ladies feel more included in your big day.

Remember to check where they want to wear the corsage too (wrist or pin) as this affects the way we make them! (See below image!).

brown craft paper display board with a pin on ladies corsage in white and 2 wrist corsages with hints of blue and white flowers

2. Cake Flowers

Remember to discuss decoration with you cake designer. If you opt for fresh florals to adorn your cake, then these will need to be added to your flower order.

It is a better option to add fresh cake flowers to your own flower order, rather than leaving it to the cake designer to get their own, as it ensures consistency throughout the flowers for your whole wedding.

It is also worth asking your cake designer how they like to have the flowers prepared. Some prefer them straight from the bucket for them to prepare themselves, others like the wired and taped ready to be put on the cake straight away, and some even prefer a buttonhole style cluster which can be pinned straight on to the cake.

Tower of cheese with flowers and fruit adornments

Photography by Wyldbee Photography

3. Thank You Bouquets

Lots of couples like to give "Thank You" bouquets to those special people who have helped their wedding day come to life. Again, not a necessity - but a lovely way to say Thank You!

Gift bouquet wrapped in tissues and kraft paper with ribbon

If you'd like to discuss your wedding day floral requirements, please fill in the contact form on my home page!

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